I love Chinese food, in particular dumplings, so I’m always on the hunt for the juiciest xiaolongbao parcel or the softest pork bun pillow; ladies and gents I think I’ve found the holy grail of authentic Chinese food.

Chinatown Noodle Restaurant is located in Haymarket and is one of Sydney’s hidden gems. However, I’m sure when you visit this establishment, you’ll immediately think

‘where on earth has this woman sent me?!’

Sure the decor is, well, interesting, you’re touching elbows with the table beside you, you’re at times shouting over the chefs in the kitchen as they bang freshly made noodles against their bench and your interactions with staff can be questionable at times, but let me tell you the food is heavenly!

Now before we continue, in the vicinity there is Chinese Noodle House, Chinese Noodle Restaurant, Chinatown Noodles and several other combinations of Chinese + Noodle + Establishment name. Chinatown Noodle Restaurant is opposite the Woolies on Quay St (see google maps screenshot below) before you hit Thomas Lane, not to be mistaken with the venue with the same name on the actual corner- clear as mud, right?

2018-08-24 08_40_40-Window

The food is cheap and it’s easy to imagine this how locals dine back home in China. No fuss, just good food, the way dining should be!

If it’s your first time visiting, I’d ask your waitress for their recommendations, as they usually point out items you didn’t even realise were on the menu. Otherwise, if you want my advice, you cannot go past the lamb and onion dumplings or the steamed pork buns.


Looking for something a little different? Check out the Beef and Shallot pancake. A northern Chinese snack, that is not at all what you’ll expect, as the pancake resembles more noodle than a pancake.

After eating here, it’ll be tough to justify paying loads for Chinese again, as you can easily eat for two here for under $50!

Best of all it’s BYO so make sure you remember to bring a bottle of wine- I’d go for a Riesling if I were you 😉 

Bon Appétit!

-tgfs x


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