Dumplings Delivered? Yes, Please!

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One of my favourite foods has to be dumplings.

Devine textured pillows of absolute flavourful goodness. Even when I was on the strict wedshred, there was always room for dumplings in the diet.

My go-to dinner with friends on a Friday night will usually be at either at Din Tai Fung or this dumpling house in Chinatown. I’ve really missed the hustle and bustle at dining at either of these.

When I read Din Tai Fung had launched an online store, DTF at Home, selling a range of dumplings, noodles and sauces, I knew EXACTLY how Florian and I would be spending our Friday night.

I jumped onto their website to place an order and saw the earliest delivery day was six days away- not an option!

I deemed it essential to head on in store to pick up my order in person.

Like a kid in a candy store, I was overcome with the wide selection of options. From wontons to dumplings and buns, I thought it best to temper my order and select only a few dishes to trial.

My order looked a little something like this:
1 x Frozen Shrimp & Pork Wonton (12pcs)
1 X Frozen Seafood Dumpling (8pcs)
1 X Frozen Regular Noodles (Pack of 4 Servings)
1 X Frozen Shrimp & Pork Wonton Noodle with Spicy Sauce
1 X Chilli Oil
1 X Frozen Spicy Sauce

The total came to just over $50 which I thought was quite reasonable- but to be honest, in my opinion, dumplings are work of the gods and I’d pay any price to get my hands on some good ones.

It was strange to see the Central Park restaurant empty, as I’m accustomed to a line to get in with the staff flurrying from table to table.

It was a quick in-and-out with the goods and we headed home to pop our goodies in the freezer until dinner.

Taking inspiration from the green beans dish on the menu (sans meat) and diced up an onion and garlic and fried with soy and fish sauce before adding in the beans.

All I can say about it is YUM.

I think our plates are a good indicator of how it all tasted…

My only regret about this endeavour was that I didn’t order more! It was super easy to prepare and each pack lasts a couple of months in the freezer- but let’s not pretend I won’t devourer it all in the coming days.

A side note, whilst the Riesling was a perfect drop to cut through the spiciness of the wonton and noodle dish, it was a little on the sweet side and I’d look for a dryer option next time around.

For more information on what’s available and how to order, check out their website here.

You can thank me later!

-tgfs x

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