Tonight was a special night.

Alison Rice, the powerhouse behind everyone’s favourite podcast, Offline, launched a new initiative you’ll want to be a part of.

Unpopular statement but, I’m really not the biggest podcast listener to be honest- oh the horror!

But! One that I have awarded a lot of time in the past is, Offline.

A series dedicated to strip back the filters of social media and just pause and take a look at real people.

After a couple of years in the podcast and coaching arena, Alison has decided to share her infinite wisdom through an online learning portal, aptly called, self study.

Without giving too much away, the course has the intention of taking you away from your busy life and to shift your focus inwards.

There are five lessons broken out into text, video and worksheets.

Each lesson has it’s own specially designed self-reflection worksheet to help ensure you’re getting the most out of everything you’re learning.

Alison launched the offering in a webinar which enabled people from far and wide to join in on.

Throughout the webinar, we were encouraged to submit questions for Alison to answer throughout and I couldn’t help but to ask one question I’ve had all week in the lead up to the session:

What advice do you have for those of us who still think looking inward and self study a bit ‘cheesy’?
Do you think it’s a fear of what we will find or we just don’t believe in ourselves enough?

I was lucky enough to get an answer from Alison who roughly said:

Looking at self study and thinking of the ‘woo-woo’ of it all, It’s a bit like a mirror of what we’re scared of. Our ego is looking at self study and is worried that it won’t have control or a stronghold over you. It’s coming from a place of a fear mentality, that the thing that is controlling you and motivating you, that is your ego, is scared.

But at the same time, if self-work doesn’t feel relevant to you right now, move out of the resistance and come back to it at another time. Maybe this isn’t right for you right now and you’ll want to come back and do the work at a later time.

I decided to use my newfound unemployment to focus on looking for meaningful work and to devote myself to projects that mean something to me- like my regular blogging.

I think this course is what I need right now to look inward and help guide me in my life after such a crazy past few months.

The course is available for $169, or if you listen to Alison’s season five launch of Offline this Sunday will get it for the discounted price of $111.

This might be stretch for those who have recently lost their jobs, however, from what Alison shared in the webinar and what we will take from the course, the outcome can be priceless.

For more information on how you can check out Alison’s instagram link tree to learn more.

I will look at registering tomorrow and I’m happy to share my experience with anyone who reaches out to ask.

-tgfs x

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