There’s A Meteor Shower Coming To A Sky Near You

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Tonight you’ll want to switch off the TV, put down your phone and head on out to the backyard to check out a once a year meteor shower.

The Lyrid meteor shower will light up our skies tonight and early into tomorrow morning.

Scientists have revealed there will be 10-18 mentors per hour and we’re in luck with no moon to obstruct our view with its light.

The shower is named after constellation, Lyra, and is the result of the Earth’s orbit crossing with the orbit of the comet, Thatcher.

You won’t need a telescope or fancy apps to catch a glimpse of the show but it’s recommended to try and escape any artificial light.

Try to limit the use of your phone as the light will result in a longer time for your eyes to adjust to the darkness.

Swinburne University astrophysicist Alan Duffy has said to direct your attention to the north-east.

“Have your right shoulder where the sun would normally rise and left shoulder where the sun would set” he said.

I cannot wait to head outside and cuddle up under a blanket to hopefully see at least one shooting star.

Fingers crossed!

-tgfs x

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