I’m Going Back To School

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When I was around 15-years old, I wrote a bucket list to ensure I was held accountable to squeezing the most out of life.

You can read my bucket list here

On the list you’ll see everything from living abroad to a white Christmas and cutting all my hair off. Another addition to the list is to study postgrad.

I graduated in 2014 with a double degree and decided it would be a long time before I jumped back into studying as I wanted some professional experience and basically needed a break from school.

Fast-forward six years and I think that time has now arrived.

I’m currently in the process of enrolling in the Master of Arts (writing and literature) program at Deakin University’s online school.

Whilst I have only just started the application, I’m writing this blog to ensure it doesn’t fall in the “too hard” basket and I follow through.

After starting my self-journey with thanks to Alison Rice’s Self Study program, I’ve decided to stop focusing on the “I’m not good enough” voices in my head and start listening to the “YAAAASS YOU CAN” chants.

Check out the Self Study here

I love writing and I think if I continue to invest in myself and this craft, I can only get better.

If everything goes to plan and I get accepted, I’ll be starting in July- so fingers crossed!

I’ll keep you all posted with how I go.

-tgfs x

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