I have a soft spot for Masterchef contestant, Poh, even though most of her cooks live me riddled with anxiety as she leaves everything to the absolute last minute.

After the launch of the season earlier last month, Poh created a delectable coconut and pandan pancake dish. When shared with the judges, my phone buzzed with a text from my mum requesting I make the dish for mother’s day.

My favourite gelato flavour at Messina Gelato is coconut and pandan but I wouldn’t be able to tell you much else about the mystery ingredient.

After a quick google search for the recipe, I found the AGFG recipe here and off to the Asian grocer we went for the pandan and palm sugar and away we went.

The recipe was super easy to make and had a distinct flavour from the pandan syrup and the sticky coconut filling.

The bright vibrancy from the pandan makes this pancake a fun little dish to serve amongst friends and family.

After the tasting, mum advised I was safe from elimination this week, so I live to cook for another week!

-tgfs x

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