DB Cosmetics Absolute Feather Brow Pen Review

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A few years ago, my beautiful sister got her eyebrows micro-bladed and they are picture-perfect every time I see her. As for me, I do not like needles or any other sharp paraphernalia approaching my face and cutting my skin, which is a dilemma because I have very unruly spider-leg eyebrows.

So, what should I do?

In the past, I’ve used powders, pencils, crayons and have found pretty good results but nowhere near as good as using DB cosmetics absolute feather brow pen.

Achieve that ‘microbladed’ brow look sans sharp blades with this water-resistant feather brow pen. With a unique 4-tip applicator, this pen replicates the look of natural brow hairs, giving you a naturally full brow look instantly.

It dries pretty quickly to a smudge-proof, water-resistant finish that will stay on through sweating- perfect for the summer months, because who on earth wants their eyebrows melting in the sun?!


The ONLY bit of feedback is it’s a bit hard to apply if you’ve just put on anything liquid to your face- think moisturiser or liquid foundation, as the tip gets a little clogged. I combat this with just wiping my eyebrows with a tissue before applying. I use the chocolate shade as I do like my brows quite defined.

How to apply: 

1. Angle pen so the 4-tip applicator is parallel to your brow 
2. Draw small, hair-like strokes starting from the base of the brow and flicking upwards
3. Fill in brow until the desired look is achieved

For groomed brows that last all day, follow up with DB Cosmetics clear mascara to keep those spider legs in line. 

2019-10-22 11_05_46-Window.png

Retailing at $11.99 you really can’t go wrong with this purchase and I recommend it. Best of all, DB is Certified Cruelty-Free and vegan so there are no nasty secrets when it comes to the brand.

Click here for more information or to make your purchase today.

Would love to hear how you go so please leave a comment below.

-tgfs x 

I was gifted these products but have been using them for weeks and was not paid for this post.


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