I love sushi.

But I really really love Yume Sushi.

Located in Drummoyne, Yume has to be the tastiest sushi the inner west has to offer.

Better still, the staff are super friendly and it’s reasonably priced for the quality you’re getting. 

Owner, Daniel, has run the establishment for over a decade and he is often seen in the restaurant greeting customers and serving meals. 


I think Australia’s standard for good sushi is pretty high, but what is hard to find is great sushi without a hefty price tag, but that’s where Yume comes in. 

The restaurant is cosy with only has a dozen tables tucked in quite snug and the service is prompt but you never feel rushed to leave.

My absolute must-haves are the flame-grilled salmon sushis, Nasu Age Denkaku, a deep-fried eggplant with red miso sauce and the good ol’ faithful teriyaki chicken brown rice rolls.

Be sure to let Daniel and the team know Dominique from that girl from Sydney sent you.

-tgfs x 

PS-  Feeling like staying in? Yume is also available on Uber Eats!

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