Often we look at our wardrobes, our Spotify playlists and even our choice in how to spend our time and we can’t believe we’re related, let alone sisters.

We thought we’d sit down and answer a few questions for you all to have a read through and decide which sister you’re more like.

What is your ideal Saturday night plans?
Dominique: I love hosting people for dinner so I’d have some close friends over for a home-cooked meal I spent all day preparing. My favourite candles would be lit, the fairy lights on and some soft jazz music playing in the background
Isabelle: Coming home from work I light my favourite candles, wash my hair and put a hair and face mask on. I change into my comfiest pjs, order some uber eats and watch a movie

Favourite brands?
Dominique: I love Zara, H&M, and Uniqlo
Isabelle: I wish it was Gucci but let’s be honest it’s more anything activewear

Who is your celeb idol?
Dominique: Oprah
Isabelle: Kim Kardashian (obviously!)

What is your favourite meal to cook?
Dominique: I love making pasta from scratch
Isabelle: Does takeaway count? If I have to choose it’d be a good nourish bowl

What do you spend most of your money on?
Dominique: Clothes, shoes beauty products and eating out
Isabelle: Indoor plants, food and self-pampering (eyelash extensions)

Favourite holiday destination so far?
Dominique: Paris and Sicily
Isabelle: Hawaii

Signature scent?
Dominique: Anything Chloe
Isabelle: Believe it or not, I love Ariana Grande’s Cloud. Every time I wear it, I get so many compliments

Favourite restaurants in Sydney?
Dominique: Indu, Chiswick Woollahra and Chinatown Noddle House
Isabelle: Yume Sushi Drummoyne, Sokyo and Mr Wongs

If you could have any superpower what would it be?
Dominique: Mind control or Invisibility
Isabelle: Teleportation

What’s something I can’t live without?
Dominique: Florian
Isabelle: My dogs and my phone- now I feel bad Dom said Florian, so I guess Ryan too

Summer or winter?
Dominique: Spring and autumn
Isabelle: Neither, spring!

Favourite social media apps?
Dominique: Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest
Isabelle: Instagram but tiktok is a close second

Craziest thing you’ve eaten?
Dominique: Puffer fish
Isabelle: My cooking!

What advice would you give your younger self?
Dominique: Have more confidence in yourself and be brave to take risks, even if it’s contrary to the advice of others
Isabelle: Even though you don’t like going to school right now, enjoy it because it is the best and easiest time of your life. Also laser hair removal is the greatest investment you’ll ever make!

-tgfs x

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