I’ve Found The Most Inspiring Working At Home Playlists

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I love music. Whether it be coming from a vinyl or Spotify, the house is never without it.

A recent article in the Guardian said music has been shown to improve both productivity and cognitive performance. But when it comes to working, and in particular uni work, I find it distracting to listen to music with lyrics.

So I’ve been on the hunt for playlists to help both motivate and inspire me when working and I have two words for you: Hans Zimmer.

Try and listen to the Inception or Interstellar soundtracks and not feel an impulse to create something epic.

I’m transported from my desk at home to wherever my mind takes me. Space, scaling a snowy mountain or even just appreciating everything around me a little more.

For when I want something a little more ethereal, my go-to is Blue Planet II- and oh my goodness!

This playlist is so beautiful it could bring a tear (or many) to you eye. Each song stimulates my mind like nothing else, and I’m left feeling a yearning to create something inspiring- even if it’s just subbing an article or doing uni readings.

It’s as if the music has the power to give me the most natural high and my imagination can’t help but leap from one possibility to the next.

I knew I always loved the work of Hans Zimmer. However, it hasn’t been until I’ve needed something to help inspire creativity with my masters course have I realised his brilliance.

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