Sticking To The Speed Limit May Now Be A Challenge

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Being an editor means I get to read a variety of content that comes across my desk. From NBN to depression in teen gamers, floorboards to eftpos-payment systems and everything in between.

A recent blog I subbed was about the top Netflix documentaries you need to binge ASAP- It’s always fun when I read something I’m genuinely interested in.

As a result of the whole spending more time at home situation, I had streamed many of those featured on the list (Tiger King, Ted Bundy Tapes, Cheer) but one that caught my attention was Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

Living with Florian means there is always some form of sport on TV: NRL, EPL, NFL, NBA, UFC, AFL (I’m sure I’ve missed some acronyms) boxing, rugby- I’ve run out of sports but I know there are lots more!

We recently watched The Last Dance, a basketball documentary centred on Michael Jordan’s career at the Chicago Bulls. I always knew Michael Jordan was one of the best there was/is but I didn’t realise he was that insane of a player and loved the series.

So I thought I’d give the sport-themed docos another chance and suggested to Florian we give Drive to Survive a try.

All I can say is: I AM HOOKED!

There is money, drama, speed and did I mention drama? Think Bold and the Beautiful at 300km/h.

The show follows the 20 drivers in the 10 F1 teams over the 2018 (season 1) and 2019 (season 2) race year.

You’re given behind the scenes access from the driver’s seat, to the pit crew and everything involved to get to race day and beyond.

I now like to pretend I know everything there is to know about what’s going on, like DRS and why you use soft, medium or hard tyres. One thing I do know is how much work goes into getting a car ready for a race.

I can’t work out who my favourite driver or team is as after each episode I fall in love with someone else.

Max Verstappen, Alex Albon and Charles Leclerc are my top three, with Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon following close behind.

I also can’t help but have a soft spot for Daniel Ricciardo as he flies the Aussie flag (Carmarlena, should we plan Monaco 2021?)

All I know is Lance Stroll grinds my gears and you’ll hear me cheering whenever he’s overtaken.

Florian and I became so hooked we recorded the British Grand Prix last weekend and watched it on Monday and have already pre-recorded next week’s race too.

We were on the edge of our seat screaming at the TV in the last two laps that saw deflated tyres and sparks flying right til the checkered flag.

I never thought I’d be into F1 but there you go, 2020: the year of surprises.

-tgfs x

PS. Please let me know if you were also irrationally excited when you saw Geri Halliwell or was that just me?

PPS. Any hook ups to a race in Europe, let me know!

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