I’ve Been Diagnosed With A Non-Contagious Cough In The Middle Of Covid-19

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For those regular readers, you would have learned I was recently tested for Covid-19 after developing a cough.

Click the image above to read all about it!

After a negative result, I made an appointment with my GP to discuss how best to treat this persistent and nagging cough.

She diagnosed me with some virus and prescribed me pretty strong cough medicine. She also advised me to continue working from home and the cough should pass in the coming days.

Two weeks on from when the first symptoms appeared, and I’m still coughing! I made a follow-up appointment with my GP to ask if she could prescribe something a little more effective.

I’ve had no fever, no body aches, no sore throat, no blocked nose, kept my sense of taste and smell and had no shortness of breath or trouble breathing.

The cough is quite chesty and loud, resulting in people moving very far away from me in the limited times I leave the house to grab groceries or run errands.

The GP shared that based on everything going on, it appears I have a ‘post-viral cough’ and she actually had the same thing last year, which lasted three months!

She advised to just keep treating it with whatever makes it feel better- Lemsip, lozenges, warm teas, and to just ride it out.

With this good news, I decided to head back into the office as I wasn’t contagious.

Although the office is practically empty, after a coughing outburst, the director of the company very politely walked over to my desk and advised workplace guidelines advised that if anyone appears to have any Covid-19 symptoms, they weren’t permitted to work from the office.

Despite my negative test results and the doctor advising I wasn’t contagious, I feel like I’ve been sent back into isolation.

So for the foreseeable future, I’ll remain working from home continue to be treated like a pariah whenever I leave the house.

Maybe I should get a t-shirt made reading:

I’ve tested negative to Covid-19 and my cough is not contagious!
Please stop judging!

For everyone else, you now know you won’t catch Covid-19 from me so please be my friend!

-tgfs x

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