You’ve Obviously Been Tricked To Come Here…

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As with most of our Sunday mornings, they tend to start slowly and lazily, and yesterday was no different.

We were gently awoken by the light peering through the wooden panelled blinds and our rush to exit the comfort of our heavy blankets was nonexistent.

Sometimes it’s a relief to have an empty day, no need to be somewhere at a particular time. We had no plans for the day ahead and thought how best we could fill it with something fun to do.

Florian suggested we finally get around to visiting the Maritime Museum- an adventure we’ve said we wanted to do for years now.

With a pit stop past Dirty Red’s in Glebe for brunch, we were off to explore the museum from top to bottom.

I’m a huge history nerd and my answer is usually yes when asked if I’d like to check out a museum. From natural history to world wars, cricket to art, I’ll be there.

One of my favourite things to do when travelling is to check out the museums in the city to visit and I often allocate a whole day to get the most out of them.

The Maritime Museum suggestion was met with the same enthusiasm and I was excited when we arrived and proceeded first to step onboard the replica Endeavour tall ship and HMAS Vampire warship.

The museum has many volunteers who are on hand to offer fun facts, historical information and answer any questions you may have.

We were met by an older gentleman volunteer on the Vampire warship who looked at both Florian and I and turned to me and said:

“I bet you’ve been tricked to be here today and he promised to buy you a Gucci handbag but instead you’re stuck here- am I right?”

I was shocked and so frustrated by this comment, I immediately became so disinterested in anything else that came out of his mouth.

After a few moments of him dropping facts about the ship, we moved on and I wished I had responded with something clever instead of crossing my arms and looking out into the harbour.

The rest of the day was spent with my brain throwing the perfect one liners in response to his stupid comment- bit late!

Actually no, I’m very interested in history.

I wasn’t tricked or bribed to be here, I’m a big girl and can make my own mind up.”


Florian sensed my frustration and tried to reassure me that his comment is in no means a reflection of my intelligence and to just ignore him.

But in 2020 it still hurts a little that as a woman, I’m considered to be tricked into attending a museum.

I’m not two-dimensional and I can like fashion and history, make up and literature, skincare and reading- these things aren’t mutually exclusive.

Sure, he was an older guy, from a different generation, but it still doesn’t hurt any less.

When I’m not having a day where I feel confident in my abilities, it’s comments like these that play on my mind.

With people out there still thinking like this, it just goes to show we have a long way to come to reaching total equality between the sexes.

I feel disappointed I didn’t stand up to him on behalf of all women to correct his behaviour. How can I expect things to change if I keep quiet?

In future I’ll try to keep this moment top of mind and even if I can’t think of something witty to say, I’ll just call them out and tell them their comments aren’t flying with this ‘gal!

And besides, if I want a Gucci handbag, I’ll buy one myself!

-tgfs x

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