Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Review

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Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair first came to my attention by all-round beauty oracle, Eleanor Pendleton. Raving out the benefits of the little bottle, she advised it’s a staple in her daily skincare routine.

After a quick search, I discovered this little bottle has over 19,000 reviews on google and sits at a 4.6 rating- not bad!

But what makes this product so outstanding?

A key ingredient to the product is hyaluronic acid.

A substance that is naturally produced by your body, hyaluronic acid retains water and keeps you well-hydrated beneath the surface.

Donning my all too often this-is-too-good-to-be-true attitude, I used a recent trip through duty-free to buy a bottle and try it out myself. Setting me back $150 (and that’s just for the 50mL!) I was almost praying it would do something.

2020-01-09 11_51_50-Window

I use a small amount in my morning and evening skincare routine after cleansing and toning by gently patting it into my skin and followed by my jade roller. Don’t let the name fool you, this can definitely be used morning and night.

Fast forward three months and my skin tone has evened out dramatically. Fine lines in the corner of my eyes have reduced slightly and my skin has a healthy glow to it.

This product is a cult staple for a reason and deserves every last 5-star rating it has. I recommend saving up and investing in this product not only because it works wonders, you only need a drop or two so it really lasts.

I was happy to be proven wrong, once again!

If you’re still hesitant to commit, you can grab yourself a sample bottle for $25 from Estée Lauder’s website here.

-tgfs x

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