Where My Imagination Takes Me In Isolation

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I’m sitting in my lounge room, Florian is at work (my little essential worker!) and my imagination is running wild with what the end of this will hopefully look like.

Will we be able to finally have our wedding currently rescheduled to September?

When will we get to our Parisian adventure?

Will I ever get another job?

Looking beyond those anxiety-inducing thoughts, I began to extend the price range on my Airbnb search and play pretend for the time being, because why not?

With money not a consideration in this daydream, here is what my ideal Parisian move would entail…

Living in this 175 m² Hausman-style three bedroom apartment on Airbnb

Perfect for hosting friends and family who I convince to come and visit, this light-filled apartment has major pinterest vibes.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so off to Du Pain et Des Idées I go for a freshly bakes croissant.

I’d then ignore my new milk intolerance for a heavenly hot chocolate from Angelina.

After a walk along the Seine, people watching, and laughing about the crazy start to the year, next on the agenda would be dinner at one of my favourite restaurants, Le Relais de Venise. For the best cooked steak with french fries, topped with the secret sauce, I’d luck out and score a table without having to line up.

No meal is complete without dessert, so we’d head over to Hôtel Costes for a nightcap and a piece of their famous cheesecake.

We’d then stroll home hand in hand and think to ourselves, we finally made it!

So that’s how I’d spend my first day back with someone else’s credit card and dietary requirements 😂

I wonder where I’ll end up tomorrow.

Keep daydreaming, friends!

-tgfs x

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