On Saturday my incredible bridesmaids and closest friends treated me to the most amazing hen’s party any bride-to-be could ever want!

My sister and maid of honour, Belle and I headed to Mecca in the morning to be glammed up for the upcoming festivities and we opted for something extra fun.


After all the bridesmaids arrived at my place, we headed off to Crane Bar in Potts Point where we were met by Fireman Dave.

Fireman Dave treated us to an afternoon of live drawing and the more I drank, the better I actually became at accurately capturing his chiselled abs- well that’s what I believed at the time!

I’ve been to a couple of hen’s and my biggest fear from what I’ve seen of strippers are how aggressive they are. Dave was a gentleman and kept asking me if I was comfortable which I really appreciated. 

Sure he had no pants on and I was sitting on his lap, but at no time did I feel uncomfortable or uneasy. If you’re after less thrusting and aggressive flips, Fireman Dave is your guy!

From here, we jumped into a limo and drove around the city taking in all the sights and singing our little hearts out.

Approaching dinner time, we arrived at one of my favourite restaurants, Lotus in the Galleries, to our own private room to eat drink and laugh into the evening.

We played games that saw us giggling like schoolgirls, ate the most delicious food and just wrapped up an amazing day altogether.

Thank you again to everyone who came and especially my bridesmaids who brought the whole day to life!

Just a little of two weeks til #domgoeswiththeflo !

-tgfs x

Event Details-

Makeup: Mecca Burwood

Dress: Loreta Walda

Life drawing venue- Crane Bar 

Entertainment: Fireman Dave- Hannah Briggs (Bookings Manager)- 0425 380 947 

Limousine Hire: Sydney Party Limos

Dinner: Lotus at the Galleries



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