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Oh Canva, how I love thee…

You don’t realise until you’re planning your own how many different ‘stationery’ items you need when it comes to a wedding.

I wrongly thought once the invitations were designed, I’d be done with the paper stationery…


Sure you have your invitations, gift registry/wishing well card, RSVP and general info card, but then you have the welcome sign, seating plan, place cards, social collateral and so on.

I am lucky enough to work in media and have the best in the business within arm’s length. I reached out to our design team and asked if anyone was looking for some out-of-hours work.

I was introduced to Aiza, an incredible designer, who took all my crazy ideas and turned it into an amazing invitation (below with key details removed)

2020-03-04 10_36_00-D&M-Invitation-Print-Ready.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

My mum painted the green background and I sent it over to Aiza along with a mood board of the two venues and she created an elegant and stylish invitation that looked like nothing I’d seen before.

One thing I can’t recommend enough is if you’re not using one designer to create every piece of collateral, I’d look to asking for a blank version of the invitation to update or try and keep the general theme simple. Not all designers will be willing to do this, but if you’re lucky- or pay a reusage fee- you may be able to get away with this.

Using Canva, I’ve been able to play graphic designer and make a whole heap of collateral based on the wonderful design Aiza put together for me. Having the background created by my mum, I was able to use it over and over again.

Our amazing wedding planner recommended we send out some FAQ’s (top right) to our guests in the lead up to the wedding as we’d inevitably be asked about all sorts from parking to closest train stations.

Using Canva’s social video tool, I was able to make a short video outlining everything we may be asked and shared this via text and email.

I also created the seating cards (bottom right) and chart, menus, welcome signs, and reserved tags for the ceremony seats- the possibilities are endless once you have your colour scheme and design down.

So if you use one website to help with your wedding planning, Canva is a lifesaver. 

Looking to design bespoke wedding invitations that you haven’t seen a million times over? You can reach out to Aiza here. If you’re after your own one of a kind background painting like the green above, reach out to artist, Lydia here.

I can’t wait to share everything with you all post-wedding, so stay tuned!

-tgfs x 





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