I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older and the thought of a Saturday night out is painful but and I have a new found love for day time outings that see me in bed by bedtime.

Sunday’s are slowly becoming one of my favourite days of the week and after visiting the Hyatt Regency recently, it’s definitely been reaffirmed.

I don’t need to be asked twice for an invitation to eating out and so when I was invited to check out the newly launched Sunday seafood brunch at the Hyatt Regency how could I say no?

I’m not normally a huge fan of buffets and when I look down at my plate, it’s a mountain of dumplings, spaghetti and fairy bread and I wonder what I was thinking. I’m also often disappointed with the quality of food where freshness is always substituted for variety.


But get excited, because I’ve found the ultimate brunch buffet at the Hyatt Regency.

The seafood brunch launched in early February and is available every Sunday between 12 pm and 2 pm. For $78 per person, you get access to the seafood full buffet with Dessert Table and limitless Henkell Trocken sparkling wine; yes, please!

When we arrived, I was reminded of that special feeling you get when you enter a hotel, one I haven’t experienced for quite some time as I tend to lean more to Airbnb when travelling- note to self: go back to hotels!

Upon climbing the stairs to Sailmaker, Hyatt Regency’s hotel restaurant, my eyes began to dance around the room wondering where I would begin my culinary journey.

After eyeing out the food on offer, I decided to start with the omelette bar and opted for a seafood omelette which is made to order by a chef; talk about fresh! When I returned to my table, I was ecstatic to find a glass of sparkling wine waiting for me; eggs and sparkling wine, the breakfast of champions.


The food was so delicious and fresh and although I brought some condiments back with me to my table, I didn’t need to use it as the food on its own was tasty enough. The absolute standout was the smoked salmon which saw us both going back for seconds (maybe thirds but who’s counting?)

The overall vibe is very chilled out with candles, live acoustic music and very friendly staff. Julie, our enchanting server, introduced herself to us as she continued to ensure our champagne glasses were never below half way throughout our dining experience. It’s easy to miss how many glasses you’ve actually had so if you can, leave the car at home.

After more trips around the buffet than I care to admit,, it was time for dessert. I thought it was only fair that I try every single dessert option available; how else would I be able to accurately review the options?

If you only grab one dessert, I can genuinely say the coconut slice is the best on offer closely followed by the gooey lemon meringue mini tarts.

With Sydney really showing off, the sun glistening off the harbour and not a cloud in sight, I couldn’t bear the thought of heading home so I decided to catch the lift to level 12’s Zephyr Bar and catch some of the sun’s rays with a cocktail in hand.

As I stepped into the bar, DJ Wildflower’s tunes filled the space, pumping out the ultimate summer soundtrack. The bar is the perfect marriage of cool and relaxed and it’s easy to think you’re sailing through the sky, especially given the fact the bar is designed is modelled to have the look and feel of a yacht.

The cocktail list is impressive and it took me a few minutes to find the perfect one drink for me. I decided to order the coco mango and if I could have summed up my day into one drink, that’d be it. To me it tasted like a revamped pina colada with a creamy coconut foam resting on mango infused Plantation white rum, mango puree, kaffir lime leaves and mango liqueur, it just screams summer!

If you have a cocktail and don’t Instagram it, did it really happen? If you’re all about posting on social media, I recommend trying the Zephyr G&T. Not only is the drink vibrant purple, but it’s also made by Zephyr’s exclusive Tailored Gin.



Not nailing your ‘cheers’ boomerang? Start with your glasses touching and then taking them away from the other glasses, you’re welcome!

As I sipped on my cocktail and watched the day pass by, I thought just how amazing life can be. The brunch followed up the rooftop bar is the ultimate Sunday summer session that you need to hit up before the colder months roll back around.

For more information on wining and dining at the Hyatt Regency, click here.

– tgfs x

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