i’ve found the world’s comfiest jeans

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I like to be organised. I pride myself on it and I’m known for it by my friends and colleagues. As a result of said quality, I start my Christmas shopping in November.

By doing so, I have more time to think about the gifts I buy and I also get to take advantage of both clicky frenzy and black Friday deals.

One of my mum’s favourite stores is Katies and as I was browsing through their online store, I came across the 7/8 slim leg ultimate jeans. 


I recently realised that I had worn dark blue jeans out and I was worried one wrong move and they’d split. Although I often like tucking my tops into my jeans I knew I wouldn’t be able to with the elastic band but for the price, I couldn’t say no. They normally retail for $59.99 but with the sale, I got them for $23.97!

I always keep my hopes quite low when I buy any pants online as I am very curvy and my hips often make it tough to get anything over them, and if I can, the waist is too big but the fit is snug on my hips and butt.

But I pulled these up and voilà, they fit and even better, they are so incredibly comfortable! The material feels like you’re wearing a really thick pair of tights but they still look denim so you’re able to wear them either casually or dress them up. 

Besides the elastic waistband (which is great for when you plan on eating a bit at dinner!) the denim has a stretch throughout the legs so you’re able to move around easily. 

If I were you, I’d run not walk and either head in-store or online to try a pair for yourself. They run pretty true to size so I didn’t have to go up a size like I normally do with jeans.

Happy shopping!

-tgfs x 



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