The older I get, the more I appreciate the perfect wine pairing (probably because I now cringe when I see a bottle of Midori these days)

I am no wine snob by any means and have been known to buy $4 wine from Aldi, but what I am finding more and more is really developing my knowledge of wine pairing.

Instead of standing in the bottle shop googling “Wine to pair with Indian food” I’ve decided to start a regular post titled Pour decisions; your very own weekly wine guide.


Next dinner you head to, you’ll be able to explain to your party how a Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect match to cut through the creaminess of a butter chicken, or that nothing compliments a spaghetti bolognese quite like a glass of Barbera.

If you take anything away from these posts, you’ll be able to take comfort in I’ll have to try and test all my recommendations just to make sure my research is sound!

Chin Chin!

-tgfs x

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