Ahh Monday morning, we meet again!

I’m approaching Mondays a little different to the way I used to, and it’s because I recently experienced an out-of-this-world experience...literally!

A couple of weeks ago, I headed out to The Sydney Observatory for their night tour and I can say it did not disappoint.

Starting out in the north dome, we gazed at the Jewel box star cluster which absolutely blew my mind! Some 4,900 lightyears away from Earth, it is one of the brightest in the Southern Hemisphere.


A beautiful array of colours, mimicking a box of jewels -hence the name- it actually inspired the logo of one automotive logo (cough Subaru cough)

The highlight, however, was viewing Jupiter and it’s four moons. Although no bigger than 3mm in diameter through the lens of the telescope, it just made me realise that we really are so tiny.


If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the week ahead, watch the video below to give your day a little perspective.

Have a great week!

-tgfs x

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