Before I arrived in the city of love and lights, I had an unrealistic ‘la-vie-en-rose’ idea that French music would be playing in bistros and cafes and by buskers on street corners.

However, I was soon disappointed to realise American music dominates and it’s tough even finding modern French music playing anywhere. Before confinement 2.0 kicked off, we were sitting at the bar in the picture above, and they were playing a 90s flashback- I want Edith and Charles and Josephine!

You may be lucky to come across a jazz trio in front of Notre Dame or a piano accordionist on line 6, but there’s no rhyme or reason as to where they’ll be or for how long.

Alas, I decided the only option was just to create my very own French-inspired playlist with my favourite French tunes, which I’ll continue to add to whilst living abroad.

Perfect for dinner with friends or tinkering around the home. it’s also fun listening to when people watching.

Bonne Écoute!

-tgfs x

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