Advice Former Brides Have Given Me In The Lead Up To My Wedding

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Don’t get caught up in the small details that you or no one else will remember! Like me trying to pick the perfect pretty seating chart signage. It’s just a fucking sign!” – Samantha

“Just breathe, enjoy and absorb every second because it goes in a blink of an eye” – Livia

“That something will always go wrong (and you won’t even notice it on the day as you’ll be too love-buzzed)” -Carmarlena

“Buy three of your shade of lipstick. Leave them with different guests so you can always top-up”-Nikolina

“Don’t sweat the small things, once the day has passed nobody will remember what fabric the napkins were or what colour invitations you sent. All that is remembered is the feeling of being in that room filled with love and laughter!  Be present and enjoy every moment of it!” -Kate

“Take a minute privately with your new hubby and just soak in the whole day. It can become so overwhelming and you hardly even get to see each other.”

“Save a lot of time and stress in bridesmaids dresses by going for a simple silhouette that does NOT require much tailoring … or any tailoring at all. Keep the styles easy and relaxed. You don’t need the extra drama of getting their hemlines right!” -Lauren

“Try not to listen to all the outside noise of what people think you should do”– Isabel

“Enjoy every minute of your special day as it will go so quick” – Sarah

“Weddings are expensive – be picky with what you spend your money on. We prioritised what was most important to us – food, drink and music was top of the list. Unfortunately we decided to save a bit on our photographer, opting to go with a less established photographer – photos are photos, right? Big mistake – huge. Unfortunately after a London Tube disaster that could probably have been avoided, we lost majority of our photos from the day. We did get our confetti shot though, which is a silver lining!” -Hannah

One one tip is take a moment just you and Flo and soak up the night. Just sit there and look around, hold hands and appreciate the moment you’re having” -Jesaantha

-tgfs x

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