I Tried On My Wedding Dress And It Didn’t Fit

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Rewind to February and I was below 70kgs and feeling lean and fit.

Cue a global pandemic and pushing your wedding to six months later, I decided to relax my diet and deal with it closer to the new date- big mistake!

After a winter filled with wine, lots of pasta, bread, chips and burgers, my weight jumped up five kilos.

Two weeks ago, and a month out from the new wedding date, I decided to try on the dress again and it was what I had expected but not at all what I wanted! It JUST zipped up and was pulling at the seams and I felt a bit like a sausage- that’s how you’re meant to feel on your wedding day right?

Sure an additional of five kgs isn’t HUGE but when your dress was tailored to someone five kgs lighter, your dress no longer zips up as it once did.

But this was the kick up the bum I needed and better I reached this realisation a month out, not a few day!

In the past fortnight I’ve completely overhauled my diet and am using MyFitnessPal. A calorie counting app which acts as a diary to help ensure what you’re putting in your body is less than what you’re burning.

I also cleared the cobwebs off my Fitbit and am keeping track of my steps and trying to get outside and workout everyday.

Thanks to the calorie counting and trying to be a bit more active, I’ve lost 2.3kgs and have just over 2.5 kgs to go to get me back to my pre-wedding size.

I’m aiming to be hitting the Bay Run as often as I can so if anyone is keen to join me, shoot me a DM!

Until then, I’ll be living on 1,200 calories a day and hitting the pavement.

18 days to go!

-tgfs x

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