It’s Saturday afternoon.

The sun is slowly setting for the day, shining a warm glow across the tree tops as it disappears beyond the buildings.

I’m sitting in the lounge room, glass of wine in hand, cozy jumper on, looking at the new plants we purchased from Flower Power in Enfield today.

Adding greenery to a space brings such a lovely element of life. Excuse the terrible picture, but I just snapped a quick shot to show off my new plant babies.

I’ve really enjoyed working so much on my blog this year and my dedication of trying to post everyday is paying off!

I’m less than 100 views away from my total number of views in the whole of 2019. That might not mean too much to you, but I’ve set a goal to exceed the number of people who read my blog each year.

The looks of how things are tracking, I’m going to do that in the first third of the year!

Who knew it would just require a global pandemic to get me to reassess what’s important to me and focus my time and energy into that.

This is a bit of a fluff piece but I just wanted to wrap up all the fun things I shared and learned this week to wrap up the past few days.

This week, I understood the importance of male socialising, in particular in isolation. It’s so easy for me and a friend to jump on Facetime with a glass of wine and chat the night away, but for guys, it’s a little different.

The house is full of laughter and banter as Florian reconnects with all his friends albeit shooting zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s nice to know that despite the current social restrictions, thanks to technology, we’re only a click away from connecting with the special people in our lives.

This week also saw the launch of my sister’s very own business. A very talented hairdresser, Belle took the leap out of the nest and has invested everything into riding solo.

The unofficial queen of balayage and hair extensions, her hard work and dedication to her craft is a testament to her success.

To book in an appointment, be sure to check out her instagram account @_isabellehair.

This week my family felt like it was riding a rollercoaster of emotions as the cancer word was dropped in relation to my mum feeling unwell.

It’s crazy how your mind takes a word and runs into the darkest of thoughts. Despite Florian reassuring me not just from an emotional perspective, but a scientific as well, I naturally gravitated to the worst-case scenario in my head.

It was a scary week but I’m so relieved it wasn’t the big C and she’s working on getting to the bottom of it all.

On Friday, I did my first zoom job interview and it was nowhere near as daunting as I had anticipated it to be. I decided in order to feel the most confident, I’d dress as if I was doing a face-to-face interview and did my hair and make up and even popped on a pair of heels.

I think this really helped me to take it seriously and remember it was a professional call.

The role sounds super exciting and I have my fingers (and toes) crossed I’m able to get the opportunity to work on a new website launching in the coming months.

And finally, despite being unemployed, I decided I deserved to splurge $45 and to buy my favourite brand of candle, Glasshouse.

Seeing as I’m spending so much time inside, I didn’t think it was that bad a decision to make the place smell a bit better.

Side note, if ever you’re wanting to gift me something you know I’ll love, it’s a Glasshouse candle.

I hope you’re all having a week that has some semblance of normality, and if not, maybe try turning it around with a Glasshouse Candle?

-tgfs x

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