Just When I Thought 2020 Couldn’t Get Any More Stressful, Cancer Was Thrown Into The Mix

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Without harping on and on about what 2020 has done to my plans this year, we all know it decided to put a big fat cross through all of them.

With my wedding dress hanging in my childhood bedroom, my seek account going into overdrive and my passport away in the drawer, I was getting used to the fact this year has been, well, kind of shit.

With this in mind, I thought I’d hit the trifecta (no wedding, no move and no job) so I had my bad luck maxed out- not quite.

The universe decided to play the cancer card.

My mum had breast cancer five years ago and thanks to very diligent and regular testing, it was caught early before it could do too much damage.

After surgery to remove the tumour and a bout of radiotherapy, she came out the other side a stronger woman.

To lower the chances of the breast cancer returning, she was prescribed a drug to take daily. One of the side effects my mum raised with her doctor was uterine cancer, to which she was reassured the prevalence of this is minute.

Fast forward the five years to earlier this month, mum got her period and was in a world of pain in her abdomen. She knew something wasn’t right.

Having gone through menopause a few years ago, she knew this could be a bad sign.

She headed to her GP, who advised her symptoms were possibly indicative of, you guessed it, uterine cancer. She was sent in an ambulance to the hospital and after 12 hours and numerous tests, she came home with not clear answer of what was causing her pain.

The week following was spent getting more tests that further concluded a potential of uterine cancer and she was referred to the Chris O’Brien LifeHouse.

Last Thursday she took an appointment with Clinical Associate Professor Sam Saidi- we knew we were in goods hands with that precursor to his name!

He ran some tests and decided it prudent to take a sample for a biopsy and would have the results the follow week, this being today.

But on my return from Florian and my daily walk yesterday, I heard mum talking on the phone and the word ‘cancer’.

I poked my head in downstairs and she looked at me, a huge smile spread across her face, she gave me a thumbs up and mouthed “not cancer” whilst she held the phone to her ear.

This then resulted in me dancing around the room something like this:

We still don’t have an idea of what’s going on but Dr Sam has ruled out cancer and I’m taking every little win I can these days.

One thing my mum is a gun at is staying on top of her regular testing. Catching anything early is key and if you or anyone you know is being a little slack, I hope this acts as a reminder.

Sure paps smear aren’t the most fun 15 minutes, breast screening makes a pancake of your boobs and checking that freckle that’s changing shape is a drag but being vigilant can be lifesaving.

Now 2020, how about we call it a truce and only good news from now on, thanks.

-tgfs x

One Reply to “Just When I Thought 2020 Couldn’t Get Any More Stressful, Cancer Was Thrown Into The Mix”

  1. Dom this is so hard to read. I’m sorry things have been so tough lately. Hang in there, take all the love you can from Florian, enjoy the small things until the sky gets clear again and your projets are back on track. Keep strong xxx


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