I’m Escaping Reality for a While

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It’s strange how fickle my current state of mind has been in the past fortnight.

As you would have read, my plans for 2020 have gone down the drain and what was once a dream of walking hand in hand with my new husband along the Seine eating pastries and reminiscing about our adventure to get there, has now become a self-isolation at home.

I also am struggling to find work and have spent hours upon hours each day looking for a job to help ease the financial stress and boost my self-esteem whilst we’re at it.

I really shouldn’t complain as I have it a lot easier than many, but some days I feel motivated and inspired, and others I don’t even want to get out of bed.

The uncertainty of when- or even if- we will return back to the way we once were feels like a heavy weight upon my shoulders that I’m struggling to carry.

I’ve also put pressure on myself to use this time to create something extraordinary as never before have I been in this situation of so much free time.

But, I worry that this notion of a great idea just popping into my head whilst staring at a flashing cursor in a word doc is unrealistic. My ideas come to me at the most random of times: cooking dinner, in the shower and even that fine line between consciousness and sleep.

I have an idea on the back-burner that I’ve been dedicating some thought to each day but, it’s just an idea and I want to nurture it rather than poke at it.

So I’ve decided I need to escape for a while.


The Sims 4.

With the cult-classic game now available for under $14 for download, I thought what better way to just switch off for an hour or two than to jump back into my favourite program of the early 2000’s.

Unlike real life, The Sims puts you in the drivers seat where you control everything. No global pandemics, bushfires, unemployment- you control all.

Is it productive? No.

Am I creating something that will change people’s lives? Absolutely Not.

But if it means I’m not mindlessly scrolling through social media, refreshing news sites or forcing myself to do something productive like learn a new skill or read a book because I think I should, I’m all for it.

Let’s stop putting pressure on ourselves to be absolutely killing it 24/7 and let’s chill out a little.

I set myself a small goal to post a blog a day to help keep this passion-project alive but between that, applying for jobs, exercising and hanging out with my fiancé, I think an hour or two of Sims won’t hurt.

If you would like to join the escape with me, here’s the link to download the Sims 4.

-tgfs x

PS despite hours trying to get my sims to resemble Florian and me, I accepted defeat and left them as above!

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