I Quit My Job And I’m Moving To Paris

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This isn’t clickbait or a misleading headline, I’ve finally taken the jump and will be living out my lifelong dream of moving abroad.

One of my biggest regrets is not going on exchange when I was at uni. I promised when I graduated, I’d never let a fear of the unknown stop me from doing something, again. 

When asked, I may say my biggest fears are paranormal activities and the dark, or paranormal activities occurring in the dark. The truth is, my biggest fear is coming to the end of my life, whenever that might be, with regrets. 

So although it’s been a lot of paperwork, reading through French red-tape, google searches and sharing the news with my parents, it’s all worth it to tick off that item on the bucket list.


For those of you regular readers, you’ll know Florian and I are getting married next month. We cannot wait to put the seating plans, menu inclusions and run sheets aside and become husband and wife before our friends and family.

We’ve decided to take a small honeymoon up to Fitzroy Island after our big day for a week for some much-needed rest and relaxation under the Queensland sun before the craziness kicks in.

We’ve booked our flights for April 27th as we jet for 1-2 years to live in the city of lights, or as I like to call it, the land of wine and cheese.

I hope the last few years of studying French will help ease the transition but I’m open-minded that it will be a difficult adjustment. I’ve been craving something that pushes me out of my comfort zone and shakes it up a bit, and I think this will do the trick.


Florian and I are hoping to travel around Europe as much as we can whilst living abroad to take advantage of the cheap travel prices and proximity to neighbouring countries- it still blows my mind that an hour travel in any direction from Sydney means you’re probably still in Sydney but in Europe, you’d be in another country!

I finish up in my current role on March 20th, a week before the wedding, which gives me time to ensure everything is ready for the big day. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll need to do but previous brides have recommended it so, why not?

My goal is to continue writing from Paris so if you’re after any freelance work, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at dominique@thatgirlfromsydney.com as I’ll be on the hunt for regular work.

If you’re planning a trip to France, or Europe in general, please be sure to reach out as I’d love to have a sense of home every once in a while.

I’ll be sure to share my experiences when we move so stay tuned for that girl from Sydney, in Paris!

I hope this blog kicks you into drive to get to those one-day dreams you’ve been holding on for far too long.

-tgfs x 

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