This video.

I have so many questions.

The biggest being, why?

I suppose because she can, Paris Hilton has debuted her new ‘cooking’ show to Youtube this week.

This video hurts every Italian cell in my DNA.


The fingerless gloves, the long hair, the heels, the barbecue cooking utensils: I cannot figure out if this is a serious attempt to her showing off her culinary skills, or it’s just a huge spoof.

I’m not saying I’m an excellent cook by any means but what type of lasagne doesn’t have garlic or onion? 

She uses no measurements and when she oversalts her mince, she uses a wet paper towel to soak up the salt from the dish…yep, really.

I know as a blogger I’m meant to use my words to describe feelings and experiences, but in this instance, I’m speechless.

Check the video out here:

Bon appetit… I think?

-tgfs x


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