why brene brown is the next thing you need to watch on netflix

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We’ve all done the infinity scroll through Netflix trying to find something that tickles our fancy to watch. Often I end up either choosing a movie I’ve already seen or putting something on and then sitting on my phone, only half watching. Well, let me help you by sharing with you why Brené Brown is the next thing you need to watch on Netflix.

I’ve made a pact to use my commute to and from work to be more meaningful whereby I don’t aimlessly stare at my phone gaining nothing but wasted time. I decided to use half an hour to learn something new, whether it be listening to a podcast, reading an insightful article or watching something thought-provoking on Netflix.

One morning, as I opened the Netflix app, I saw this on the welcome screen:


‘Who is Brené Brown’ I thought.

I had never heard of her and wasn’t even sure if she was a comedian doing a stand-up special. Author of Five #1 New York Times bestsellers cemented that whoever she was, she was great at telling stories so, why not?

I was halfway through when I arrived to work and thought my fiance would benefit from watching this also so we decided to watch it together that night.

I can honestly say, this special has changed my outlook on EVERYTHING.

I don’t want to give anything away as the a-ha moments are the best parts of viewing but what I will share is, no matter what stage in life you’re at, you need to watch this.

Brené makes you sit up and look at your life for every aspect. She also reveals the hard facts about courage, vulnerability and being brave, themes we often hear about but are unsure what they actually mean.

Feeling so inspired by her special, I looked up any podcasts she featured on and by sheer luck, found Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday podcast, which I am now obsessed with and am making my way through her list of episodes.


I know I’m a little late to the podcast party and I think that’s because I’d only ever been recommended true crime-themed shows. When you walk to and from work alone, the last thing I want to listen to is how someone was murdered and how their body was disposed of…no thanks!

I’ve always loved Oprah and she’s always featured as one of the three people I would invite anyone to dinner so when I found she had her very own podcast, I was hooked. Goodbye, true crime and hello true self!

If you have any recommendations for any other motivational podcasts that aren’t too cheesy, send them my way by emailing me at dominique@thatgirlfromsydney.com

-tgfs x


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