how i trick myself into drinking more water

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Sitting at a desk for the majority of my day doesn’t usually physically exhaust me so I find it difficult to drink the recommended 2L each day.

Two years ago I visited my naturopath after having suffered from skin issues for quite some time. We went through the usual questions and then she asked me how much water I drank a day. I bashfully replied, ummm maybe one or two glasses; I think I saw her shudder slightly. 

What she explained really helped settle my skin down and helped me start feeling a lot better too. Essentially water acts as a flush through the body to push through all the nasties. Cutting out water leaves the body to fight for itself, and when overwhelmed, it can in my case, use the skin as a way to remove toxins it would normally do with water. 

I have found several easy ways to trick myself into drinking more water and help keep my insides in tip top shape.

Post-it timestamps


I set myself a challenge to ensure I was drinking constantly throughout the day by sticky taping times on where my water line should be at certain times. If I saw I still had a bit to drink in the next 15 minutes, it would help encourage me to catch up. 

More chilli!


I found adding a little spice to my lunches had me reaching for the water bottle more often. I’ve got a jar of chilli flakes in my drawer and sprinkle it on my meals to give it an extra kick.

Swap your coffee for water


Now before you think I’m insane for recommending this, I challenge you to give it a try. I’m on week three of no coffee and I’m feeling great. Don’t get me wrong, the first week for torture and I was struggling to open my eyes, but I feel so much more refreshed and awake than my latte could ever deliver.

Buy a big drink bottle


The more water in your bottle, the more you have to drink. It’s easy to get lost working on a presentation or trying to attack your never-ending inbox and hours passed before you’ve ever gotten up. You don’t have to buy a fancy $30 drink bottle, I just use a Santa Vittoria sparkling water bottle that I recycle for a few weeks then buy a new one.

If you have any other tips on how you get your 2L today, share them in the comments below!

-tgfs x 

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