I thought I’d write a quick post to share some health hacks you really should know that are easy and cheap to add to your busy day.

If you have any other hacks, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

NIPPLE CREAM FOR CRACKED LIPSlansinoh-hpa-lanolin__50697

With the change in season, my lips tend to get really dry and sometimes even crack.

I was complaining to a colleague how painful they were and she recommended nipple cream as her go-to for when the paw-paw just isn’t cutting it anymore.  

I grabbed a tube of Lansinoh from my local chemist for $14 and after half an hour, my lips were no longer scaly and felt soft and smooth.


I’m learning more and more that to look good on the outside, you need to support the health in your belly. Gut health is responsible for your immune system, vitamin and mineral absorbency, digestion, vitamin production, hormone regulation, and mental health…I told you it was important!

Apple Cider Vinegar is a great way to promote good gut health but it doesn’t taste great and long-term use can actually damage your teeth’s enamel.

My go-to is That Hippie Co.’s Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets which are great easy to take with some water twice daily without having to lug around a bottle of vinegar in your bag!


I was recently channel surfing and stopped at a news program on the ABC that was exploring the increasing elderly population in India. The reporter revealed diets high in turmeric had been linked to better health than those who didn’t.

Although the studies are still quite early, there have been signs of slower on-set of cognitive decline as well as possessing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. So next time you’re in the spice aisle, check out adding turmeric to your trolley.

I’m a huge fan of adding some to my smoothies in the morning, but be warned, if you don’t soak your blender after, it can stain!

PSYLLIUM HUSKpsylliumbg.jpg

Without getting too graphic, let’s talk about poop.

Fibre is really important for digestion and as it makes its way through your intestines, it does a bit of a clean to ensure everything is moved through and no nasties are left behind.

Psyllium Husks are a great source of fibre and a tablespoon a day in your bottle of water is all it takes to up your intake. 

You can find psyllium husks in grocery and most healthfood stores.

If unsure about ways you can improve your daily health, book in with your GP or consider visiting a naturopath.

-tgfs x

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