I’m Fully Vaccinated and Ready To Travel

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Yesterday Florian and I received our second COVID-19 vaccination and I am so excited and grateful that we’re able to spend the summer road tripping around Europe.

We got our first dose about six weeks ago and we both had no side effects other than a pretty sore arm at the injection site, but no fever or chills, which I very much appreciated.

We got our second dose at around 11:30 am and felt totally fine until about 4 pm where my body took the feeling of exhaustion to another level. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and felt achy all over which saw me sleep for 14 hours.

Pretty much 24 hours after I started feeling kinda rotten, I felt like this fog of achy exhaustion had dissipated and I was back to my normal self. I tried to drink lots of water and I’m not sure if this helped with speeding up the recovery process but I don’t think drinking water is ever a bad idea!

Thanks to the agreement between the European nations, travellers who are fully vaccinated are able to travel freely throughout the continent and after two winters and lockdowns back to back, Flo and I are incredibly excited to get some European sunshine!

We have only two weeks left in Paris before we embark on an epic adventure starting in Greece then back to Paris to pick up a car as we road trip down into and around Spain, the south of France, Italy, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Belgium before arriving back in Paris for three final days and then we’re heading home!

I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date via social media and the blog and before we know it our year abroad will be coming to an end.

But there’s still plenty of adventures to be had before we farewell France and we will be sure to squeeze in as many as we can.

Until next time!

-tgfs x

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