You Know You’re Getting Old When A Bread Knife Excites You

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The older I get, the more I’m realising what I once deemed boring or uninteresting, has now become something that excites me. From vacuum cleaners to kitchen gadgets and the like, I can’t get enough of anything for the home.

Whilst I didn’t take up the trend of baking my own bread during iso, I did still manage to eat my fair share of it.

Whether it be chopping up a crusty loaf to dip into my pumpkin soup, or slicing a baguette to accompany my assorted cheeses on my platter, I can always justify adding bread to a meal.

The lovely team at Victorinox were wonderful enough to send me over one of their bread knives to road test and I felt as excited as a child with a new toy.

This knife is next level. Seriously.

I’ve become accustomed to my $7 knife block set from Kmart for far too long and didn’t know such precision could exist in a bread knife.

The Swiss Classic Bread Knife doesn’t cut bread, it glides through it, as if running through butter.

I always find cutting bread a bit of a drag and make a huge mess in the process. However with my new Victorinox knife, I am able to cut each slice without jerking my chopping board every which way and sending bread crumbs like confetti around the room.

When cutting each slice, you need not apply any pressure as the knife slides through the dough with ease.

It may seem a little steep to spend $50 on one knife but I would think of it more as an investment.

Moving forward, I’ve decided to spend a little more on quality products that will last a couple of years, rather than going on the cheap side and having to replace items every year.

For more information on where you can get your hands on one, check out the link here.

-tgfs x

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