Trying to Feel Motivated In a Time I’ve Never Felt More Uninspired

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I made a deal with myself to keep the blog alive during this phase (I hope it’s a phase) of unemployment and to make the most of my days with this task.

It turns out, writing interesting content is tough sometimes when your daily adventure is a walk around the neighbourhood or a trip to the grocery store.

I feel an obligation to keep it real and not pretend life feels totally fine all the time, because to be honest, some days stink and I feel this huge adjustment is a struggle to get used to.

Other days I’m content with how this is playing out and rationalise this too will pass.

In the meantime, I want to hear from the amazing people around me.

So I’m putting a call out out to you.

That’s right, the person reading this.

Share something amazing you’re doing: a project, a small business, a delicious recipe, a motivating quote, a great take away restaurant- whatever!

I want to write about YOU!

My instagram handle is @_thatgirlfromsydney and I’m ready to hear from you.

Nothing is too trivial and if you’re unsure, just know that I’m literally sitting at home longing for connections with people so please slide into my DM’s.

If you’re a small business, I’d love to do a blog on how I, or people reading, can help support you during this time. Don’t be embarrassed, I’m all for a self-promotion so let me hear it!

And if you don’t see me write about anyone in the coming days, this didn’t work and I’ll go back to finding inspiration all on my own 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

Well here it goes, I hope to see at least one little message in my DM’s from one of you.

Sending good vibes out to you all.

-tgfs x

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