No Job, No Wedding and No Move Abroad- My Life's Plans Have Drastically Changed

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So I’m a very organised person. I like to know what’s happening at all times and with a wedding and move abroad to Paris on the cards, I had everything planned- or so I thought.

My sense of organisation comes with the ability to adapt to change as I’ve already thought of all the things that could go wrong and have a backup to my backup, but something tells it’s difficult to preempt a global pandemic. 

Florian and I were getting married at the end of March before our friends and family then heading to the Great Barrier Reef for our week-long honeymoon.

Upon our return, we were packing our bags to take our one-way trip to the city of lights. 

With news of Covid-19 trickling through each day, my concerns for the wedding and the trip were coming into question and I soon realised our plans were coming undone before our eyes.

We did our best to stay optimistic about it all, but each day brought more bad news and less hope of the plans we took over 14 months to plan we’re going up in flames.

Florian and I laughed this morning that our plan to moving out of our home to a new country have been derailed by being locked down in our house unable to leave unless absolutely necessary- oh the irony!

I didn’t really know what to write in this blog other than to share that I think we’re all feeling the same way at the moment.

Anxious. Confused. Angry. Hopeful.

It felt a little strange not to address this on here and thought it was time to say something. I use my blog as a bit of a diary sometimes and this is but another page in my book of life.

If you haven’t seen my many Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn posts, I’m currently unemployed and looking for work which is taking a toll on me personally, emotionally and financially. I’ve been employed since I was 15 and the thought of being without work is scary- a feeling which is shared by millions of Australians around the country.

If anyone needs any help with any copywriting, advertising and marketing and social media strategy, please reach out!

Or if you’re looking for a chat with someone outside their house, let’s video call and talk about everything and anything.

We’ve got the wedding locked in for later in the year, and as for when we’ll depart, we don’t know at this stage. But we do know this dream of ours will one day be a reality!

Stay safe, healthy and INSIDE!

-tgfs x

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