French Instagrammers You Should Be Following

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There’s an unspoken cultural rule that states French women are just naturally chic and effortlessly cool with the ‘I woke up like this’ look down to a fine science. With books, YouTube channels and fashion shoots all dedicated to one of the fashion capitals of the world, Paris just oozes style and sophistication.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved everything French; from the food to the language and culture, I’m even marrying one next year! I’ve moved beyond the Eiffel Tower bedspread and posters but I now get a lot of my cultural inspo from French instagrammers. Below are five of my favourite French females that are worth hitting the follow button.


Daphné Moreau is the best friend every girl wants in her life. Her profile is filled with beautiful Parisian shots in super cute ensembles paired with her favourite accessory, a huge smile. Follow her as she creates one perfect outfit after the next that you’ll be adding to your camera library for another day. Plus she has the cutest dog, Pixel, who regularly features in her stories.


Maya is an American who jumped across the pond to settle in Paris. Not only is her profile overflowing with the latest restaurants and bars, must-try gym classes and where to find the best croissant, she also runs her very own blog helping you experience Paris the right way, like a local. The next time I’m in the city of lights I will be heading to one of her brunches for sure; Maya, save me a spot!


I’ve always said when I grow up, I hope I’m as cool as Caroline de Maigret. Model and music producer, de Maigret can rock a pair of jeans and sneakers like no one else and on more than one occasion as made me want to cut my bangs again- but let’s not relive the horror that was the 2007 front fringe!


Emmanuelle Alt is no doubt a style icon beyond France’s borders. Vogue Paris’ editor-in-chief since 2011, Emmanuelle pulls of effortlessly chic outfits on the regular and I can’t help but love how she can make the most simple items just work. She reminds that we don’t need the latest designer brands, but to just find the pieces that work for us and we can never go wrong.


If I could have one wardrobe, I think it’d be Solene’s. Not only does she take simple pieces to create incredibly chic outfits, but she also makes walking the streets of Paris look like a runway. Epitomising Parisian life, she’s often found sipping coffee in a cafe or strutting down the street past some really impressive doors- is it just me or do you love a statement door as much as I do?

If you take anything away from these five femmes, it’s that confidence is the best accessory you can own. Sure we all can look to influencers for inspiration but at the end of the day, it’s beautiful to be happy in your own skin.

-tgfs x

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