I’m pretty excited to be jet setting to Nagasaki Japan for the next six days as part of a media tour with ANA and Escape.com.au!

I’ve never been to Japan and am looking forward to exploring a lesser-known region of the country instead of starting with tourist hot-spots like Tokyo or Kyoto (I will definitely be returning to visit these place though!)

It’s also the first time I’ve visited a country that I haven’t had a least some sort of a grasp of the language (beyond the menu items from my favourite sushi restaurant) so it will be fun to learn some basic words and phrases whilst I’m there.


My itinerary is jam-packed with a variety of activities over the week from visits to UNESCO world heritage sites to attending the Rugby World Cup fan zone and the Nagasaki Kunchi festival which dates back to the 17th century- I’ll definitely have an immersive Japanese experience.

Then there’s the helicopter sightseeing flight over an active volcano in the centre of Kyushu which has me both exhilarated and terrified simultaneously, but all the best things do. I’ll be sure to let you all know about it afterwards and will try and take lots of pictures.

I took my own advice from an article I published on escape.com.au and spent the week putting together outfits that I can mix and match without overpacking. I have a variety of very casual up to semi-formal for nice dinners with the tourism board and airline so hopefully, I’ve packed right for once!

Well here I go, departure photo taken, I’m all duty-free shopped out and waiting in the lounge to board. I would apologise in advance about the upcoming holiday spam, but that’d be a lie because sorry, not sorry.

A special shout out to all those returning from their summer European holidays, payback is coming your way!

Sayōnara friends!

-tgfs x 



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