Is Hello Fresh as good as people say?

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Yes. The answer is yes.

Let’s get something out of the way before we start; as much as I’d love to be one of those bloggers who get sent free things to review and come home to find packages waiting for them, filled with make up and clothes; I am unfortunately not. My goal in life is for people to feed, clothe and entertain me for free and I’m working towards #keepingthedreamalive

So for the record, I was not paid/asked/bribed/blackmailed to write this review, I am just super passionate about food and the many things you can do with it: buy it, cook it, eat it etc; now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the fun stuff!

The fiancé and I struggle massively when it comes to food wastage, especially when a recipe calls for a teaspoon of parsley and the store is only selling a hectares worth. We are forever throwing out food whilst wondering why we didn’t factor spring onions into every dish we made that week.

During a catch up with friends over breakfast (breakfast>dinner) they shared their experience with Hello Fresh. To be honest, I’ve always been pretty sceptical of this type of thing, I really don’t want to eat veggies that have been frozen for months or packaged three weeks ago. 

They assured me that the ingredients are always fresh (it’s not just a gimmick in their name!) and you only get sent the quantity you need per meal so goodbye wastage, hello… umm fresh!

A great little perk, if you refer a friend with your discount code, not only do they get $50 off, so do you! So I signed up that afternoon and away we went (keep reading for your exclusive discount code)

Essentially you make an account, add in your details and voilà, your box of deliciousness will be delivered right to your door during your chosen time window.

So what exactly comes in your treasure chest?

You get your recipes cards, which are printed on a thicker paper so if you’re a messy passionate cook like me, the card won’t be too damaged.

  1. Your ingredients which are all fresh and smell delish.
  2. Everything included in the box is made of biodegradable and recyclable materials. We noticed the food wasn’t wrapped in plastic as supermarkets do #banthebag!

I think it’s important to translate the professionally shot images into I’ve-been-at-work-for-nine-hours-and-am-starving representations. The left is the recipe card image and the right is mine; you know, in case you couldn’t tell the difference (I always forget to take pictures of my food as I’m more excited to start eating than adjust the lighting so excuse the poor quality.)


A simple yet super tasty meal and quite healthy too. The chips are cooked in the oven and only took around 25 mins. The servings of beans was quite large but I wasn’t complaining, especially given the surprise addition of the almonds. I do love my meat medium and I found the recommended cooking time was a little too short, so be sure to check you’re happy with how cooked it is before you serve.


This dish took a little longer than the night before but it was popping with flavour and if this meal taught me anything, it’s that we need more leek and tarragon in our lives.


Put down the Old el Paso taco pack, this dish was jam packed with so many different flavours, it was a fiesta on my plate. The pack makes 6 tacos which was too much for us in one sitting but that’s ok because that meant I had leftovers for lunch; happy days!


To receive $50 off your first order, click here and use DOMINI26 as your promo code.

Now don’t forget, I do love food and would really love a discount too!

Bon Appétit!

-tgfs x

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