5 ways to decorate your desk at work on the cheap

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Being a 26 year old living (and renting) in Sydney, to my dismay, I don’t have a large disposable income so I’m always on the hunt for cheap tricks to stretch my dollar further.

I’m fairly certain I spend more time at my desk than anywhere else (that’s a tough pill to swallow!) so there’s no wonder I want my desk to reflect my personality. This post will share with you that decorating your work space can be easy and done on the cheap. Be the envy of your co-workers with these cheap decorative tips to make your desk work for you!


I am by no means a green thumb but if there is one must-have for your desk, it’s got to be a plant. I headed to a nursery to purchase one and I ensured I asked the Nursery worker for the perfect desk companion to withstand sub-zero air con temperatures and limited sunshine. We ran through a few options but I loved the look of a ficus; super low-maintenance and perfectly sized for my desk.

My desk at work


I love being surrounded by photos and my apartment has pictures of holidays past, family and friends scattered everywhere from on the walls to any available ledge, and my desk is no different. The pic on my desk is just a selfie of my boyfriend and I freezing cold in a Park in Paris two years ago. The image captures one of my most favourite memories and whenever I feel a little stressed out, I look at it and remember that life isn’t so bad and it’s all about perspective. Best of all, I got the frame from Kmart for $4!!


On one of  my frequent (and very important) trips to Kmart I found this super cute vanilla and pear scented ceramic diffuser for only $7, and it would have been a sin to leave it behind.  Not that I needed justification to make the purchase, seeing as I’m lucky enough to sit five metres away from the level one bins, I’m now able to block out the smells of yesterday’s lunch, coffee and for some reason the persistent smell of banana!


I love stationary, scratch that, I ADORE stationary especially when it all matches and when I can scoop a bargain, it makes my day. I found this 6-pack of pens at Kmart for $3 which is less than a cup of coffee so how could I say no! I’m now rethinking I should have titled this blog post: how Kmart can help you decorate your desk on a budget!

2018-03-26 13_06_59-Pens 6 Pack _ Kmart

I also love to stack two to three similarly coloured notebooks on my desk and either sit my frame or a plant on the top just to give it a more homely feel.


Spending upwards of 45 hours a week at my desk, it’s super important that I take into account the layout of everything. From your screen height, to how close your keyboard sits, a simple google search can help you check if your desk is set up correctly; because lets face it, it’s all well and good to have a pretty desk but if it’s leaving you with a sore back and shoulders, is it worth it?

Lucky for me and unfortunate for my bank account, many Kmart stores are open late every night so there is always time for a quick drop in after work. Just don’t do what I did and try to bring it all in at once, whilst juggling a security pass and a coffee!

-tgfs x

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