With the European Summer fast approaching, many of us, including myself, will be in search of warmer climates as we fly north to escape our Winter.

The boyf and I are visiting Italy over July and conveniently I was able to convince him to fly in and out of Paris (it’s totally because it was cheaper, I promise!)

For those of you lucky (or strategic) enough to be visiting the City of Lights anytime soon, I’d love to introduce you to my Parisian insider: Maya a.k.a the author of my favourite blog La Vie Locale. 


Maya moved there from LA in 2011 and she says she started the blog to discover La Vie Locale: The Local Life in Paris.

For those of you looking for an authentic Parisian experience, I recommend you check out her blog. From things to do and see to most importantly the frequently visited.


After stalking reaching out to Maya, I was able to convince her to share her insider tips, advice and tackling the tough issues like where can we find the best croissant in Paris? and I can’t wait to share this with you.

I’m a huge fan of hers so working with her in the coming months before my trip is very exciting!

Stay tuned for this collaboration and lots more.

Have a great week!

-tgfs x

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