The Miracle Treatment I’m Having To Help Grow My Hair

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I’ve decided to grow my hair out and reached out to my sister, Isabelle, who recently started her own business.

Read about her salon story here

I asked her what I can be doing to help strengthen my hair and help it grow longer, faster.

She advised to book in for a keratin treatment.

For anyone who hasn’t had a keratin, I recommend you seriously consider one. I’ve had a few over the years and they are the perfect companion for my coloured and frequent heat styling.

I asked Isabelle to explain what the treatment exactly is and she told me, keratin is a protein found naturally in the hair. It acts as a protective barrier against the primary cause of frizz, humidity.

As a result of over-styling, sun exposure and our environment, our hair becomes damaged and isn’t in tip-top shape.

She likened it to having a protein shake after a tough workout.

Perfect for all hair types, it’s particularly ideal for people with naturally frizzy or curly hair and reduces the time it takes to dry out hair off after a wash.

The treatment involves a hair wash followed by an application of the keratin product straight to the hair. After it is combed through the hair, it’s left on to develop for around 40 minutes.

Next your hair is quickly rinsed, dried off and then straightened.

The treatment took just under three hours and according to Isabelle, should last from three-six months- depending on how often I wash your hair.

On the topic of washing hair, Isabelle strongly recommends looking out for sulphate and paraben-free products to prolong the benefits of the treatment.

It may be easy to just grab your shampoo and condition from the supermarket, but our hair, just like our skin, should be treated to the proper products.

A favourite product of Isabelle’s is the Kevin Murphy range, smooth again shampoo and conditioner.

One thing she made super clear to me was the fact a keratin treatment is not a permanent straightening treatment. A keratin treatment is an anti-frizz treatment, whereas, as the name suggests, a permanent straightening treatment affects all your hair and doesn’t wash out, resulting in a frizzy regrowth.

A side note for those readers who are pregnant or breastfeeding: Isabelle recommends against this treatment.

Prices for a keratin start from $300 at Isabelle Hair and if your hair is looking a little worse for wear, should be a priority.

I hope this was informative for you and I look forward to hearing from you post-keratin!

-tgfs x

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