How I’m Adding Days Between Hair Washes

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It’s amazing how many days I could justify going without washing my hair. From two days worth of dry shampoo to the high messy bun and headscarf I was the queen of ‘one more day.’

I’m getting married next year and am wanting to grow my hair out for the special day. Upon consultation with my amazing hairdresser Isabelle from La Unica Salon she prescribed me a new haircare routine to get my locks long and strong in the lead-up.

I purchased the Essentials trio treatment pack from De Lorenzo and am so impressed with the results, I needed to share it.

The Oil balance is a pre-shampoo treatment designed to re-balance dry, damaged hair. It says to spray in your hair 10 minutes before a wash but I actually spray and leave it in overnight. I apply to my mid-lengths and ends and braid my hair to wash the next morning and the results leave my hair so silky and shiny. Another tip that seems genius the night before and terrible in the morning is, I’m very optimistic that I will get up early and wash my hair when in reality, I much rather reach for snooze than shampoo. Spraying in the night before means I have to wash my hair as it looks like I’ve stuck my hair in a deep fryer of oil and there’s no way it’d be ok for me to go to work looking like I could fry on my scalp.

The Protein Complex is your go-to for dry, split ends and I spray it in my hair post-shampoo and pre-conditioner. The treatment is rich in protein so adds extra strength to tired ends.

And finally Equilibrium. This masque is like a big warm hug for your hair and is packed with nourishing ingredients. The masque will help repair damaged and ratty hair and your hair will love you for it.

My hair lasts so much longer and doesn’t get as oily as once before. It also holds curls in for days- I curled my hair on Saturday afternoon and on Tuesday they were still perfect! My hair isn’t as knotty anymore the colour seems to shine and I have been getting asked if I recently coloured my hair.

If there’s anything I’ve recently learned is good skin and hair routines do come at a cost of both time and money.  Another lesson learned off the back of that though is when you find good products like the Essentials trio treatment pack, you will see the results and be grateful that you took the time to invest.

-tgfs x 

These products were purchased and trialled by me.

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