i’m taking a stand against ‘fast-fashion’

The effects of fast-fashion are starting to take the toll on the planet with the industry contributing to the growing carbon footprint.


Wardrobe.NYC is the result of combining a designer with over a decade of experience and the Vogue Australia Fashion Director. Josh Goot and Christine Centenera launched the brand back in 2017 to lead the ‘anti-fast fashion’ movement. 

A YouGov report back in 2017 revealed that 75% of Aussies have thrown clothes away into landfill in the past year. What’s even scarier is 30% admitted almost a quarter of respondents threw out a garment after only one wear. 

I have to admit I’m quite bad with my shopping habits and do own way too many clothes- many of which I don’t even wear. One thing I don’t do however is unwanted clothes in the bin, often sharing with friends and relatives, giving each garment a chance at a second life. 

I’ve decided to look to brands like Wardrobe.NYC and Instagrammers like @harperandharley for wardrobe inspiration instead of jumping on the one season fashion trends.


If we move to adopt a ‘less is more’ mentality when it comes to materialist items, like clothing and accessories, we can all contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

I’ve tried to stop shopping at stores like Kmart and Cotton On as I know the quality just isn’t there and after a couple of wears I’ll be stitching or gluing something back together.

Before you roll your eyes and begin thinking “she must have a six-figure salary to be buying off Wardrobe.NYC” this isn’t true at all…as much as I wish it were true!!

Even if I could afford it, I’d have trouble spend nearly $4000 for eight pieces of clothes but I just use the premise that eight pieces of clothing can be mixed and matched to make an entire wardrobe.

This is Wardrobe.NYC’s latest denim release and retails for a not-so-friendly $3,950



What I’ve taken from this is building a wardrobe of staples will always win out against a collection of one-season wonders.

I’ve searched around the web to find slow-fashion options to recreate the release above. 

Alternatively, brands like Glam Corner are putting their spin on slowing down the speed of fashion with offering a rental service. Offered on a one-off or subscription basis, users can rental pieces for a special occasion or just every day without the commitment to purchase.

Would love to hear your thoughts on how you’re adopting a ‘less is more’ approach to your wardrobe.

-tgfs x

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